Art/ Value/ Currency – Part Two

The only point in the Art/ Value/ Currency project at which all 62 artworks will be shown together.

Art/ Value/ Currency – Part Two.

The second exhibition of the Art/ Value/ Currency collection: part of a transatlantic project by Isobel Shirley.

Art/ Value/ Currency explores the intertwining roles of trade, value systems and networking within the art world, highlighting the importance of creating exposure for artists and their working practice.

Part One:

Selected from an open call for submissions, the Art/ Value/ Currency collection consists of 27 UK based artists and 31 individual works, with all work fitting the dimensions of 4” x 6”, resulting in a diverse selection of emerging art from throughout the country. In November 2009, the collection was exhibited at The Pigeon Wing, in London, together with an open discussion of the project and the works involved.

Part Two:

The collection was brought to New York, where Shirley has been interviewing and meeting with local artists, galleries and curators showcasing this collection of British art. All of the people she has met with are invited to submit work(s) to the collection in exchange for a piece from UK. These exchanges will take place July 31st 2010 at Eastern District. This event will also be the only point where all 62 pieces of work will be seen together, before the exchange takes place.

Part Three:

Following the event at Eastern District, the collection will return to London and be re-exhibited at The Pigeon Wing. These new works will then be given to the original set of artists to complete the swap.

All of the interviews and exchanges can be viewed at Art/ Value/ Currency’s online space hosted by TheBunkerGallery.

Documentation of the process and its outcomes will be released through This Is Publishing later this year.

Saturday July 31st 2010

5pm – 10pm
Exchange at 8pm

Eastern District

43 Bogart Street,